APT launches SATRC Web Portal during SATRC-23 coinciding with Silver Jubilee (1997-2022) of SATRC

The SATRC Web Portal was successfully launched on 14 November 2022 during SATRC-23 Meeting at Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran coinciding with the occasion of Silver Jubilee of SATRC (1997-2022).

The SATRC Web Portal is one of the components under the SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII (2022-2023). The objective is to collect information from regulatory bodies and publish it on the Portal for information sharing among the regulators. In terms of feature, apart from serving as a one-stop window for information related to regulatory experiences, achievements, and updated news related to telecommunication/ICT regulation of the SATRC Members, the authorised Member administration focal can easily send/post related news and publications by logging into portal.

The Web Portal was launched by Secretary General of APT and Chair of SATRC-23 in presence of all the Head of Regulators and participants.