SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII (2022-2023)

SAPVIII-REP-01Report on Development of enabling Policy and Regulatory Environments, in the context of SATRC, to …2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-02Report on Telecom Active Infrastructure Sharing2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-03Report on Regulatory Issues related to OTT Services and Applications2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-04Report on NGSO Satellite Constellations: Requirements, Challenges, and Impact in South Asia2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-05Report on Approaches towards spectrum harmonization for 5G bands2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-06Report on Evaluation of spectrum utilization in SATRC Member countries2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-07Report on Regulatory approaches for sharing, trading and leasing of spectrum2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-08Report on Cross-border coordination for interference in SATRC countries2024/01/15Download
SAPVIII-REP-09Report on SATRC action plans for the development of spectrum management infrastructure, procedure, and tools2024/01/15Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase VII (2019-2021)

SAPVII-REP-01SATRC Report on Regulatory Approaches to Enhance QoS of Mobile Operators2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-02SATRC Report on Digital Financial Services2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-03SATRC Report on Harmonizing ICT indicators in SATRC2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-04SATRC Report on Assessment of Current Practices in Spectrum Management and Developing Spectrum Roadmap2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-05SATRC Report on Spectrum Re-Farming2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-06SATRC Report on Spectrum Consideration for Deployment of IoT2022/10/05Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase VI (2017-2018)

SAPVI-REP-01SATRC Report on policy and regulatory aspects of infrastructure sharing2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-02SATRC Report on ICT regulatory framework for M2M communications and IoT for the SATRC countries2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-03SATRC Report on the enhancing consumer protection in digital economy2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-04SATRC Report on regulatory approaches to enhance broadband experiences2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-05SATRC Report on regulatory framework for mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-06SATRC Report on developing spectrum roadmap in SATRC countries for future mobile broadband2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-07SATRC Report on proliferation of public WI-FI network in SATRC2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-08SATRC Report on wireless backhaul-spectrum, technology and policy considerations2022/10/13Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase V (2015-2016)

SAPV-REP-01SATRC Report on Measures to protect interests of Consumer2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-02SATRC Report on Regulatory and Technical Aspects of OTT2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-03SATRC Report on Emerging Licensing framework including exist and relicensing policy2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-04SATRC Report on International connectivity for provisioning of broadband services2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-05SATRC Report on Spectrum Requirement Estimation for IMT Systems in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-06SATRC Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety in the Frequency Bands used for Mobile Phones2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-07SATRC Report on Role of Network Sharing for SATRC Countries: From Passive Infrastructure Sharing to …2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-08SATRC Report on Spectrum Re-farming in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase IV (2012-2014)

SAPIV-REP-01SATRC Report on Harmonized Use of the 700 MHz Digital Dividend Band in SATRC Member …2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-02SATRC Report on Process of Arranging the Agreement between Countries in Cellular Networks2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-03Joint Announcement by SATRC Members for the Adoption of APT700 Band Plan2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-04SATRC Report on Mobile Roaming within SATRC Member Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-05SATRC Report on Market Based Methods of Spectrum Managements2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-06SATRC Report on Growth of Mobile Value Added Services2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-07SATRC Report on Rationalization of Tax Structure in Telecommunication Sector2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-08SATRC Report on Sustainable Broadband Network for SATRC Member Countries: Addressing the Issues of Interconnection, …2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-09SATRC Report on Application and Services in Broadband Networks2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-10Joint Statement by SATRC Members for the Adoption of regional Mobile Roaming2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-11SATRC Report on Regional Requirements and Availability of Spectrum for Mobile Broadband2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-12SATRC Report on Digital Switchover Plan in SATRC Member Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-13SATRC Report on Strategies for Migration to IPv62022/10/13Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase III (2010-2011)

SAPIII-REP-01SATRC Report on Facilitation of Broadband in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-02SATRC Report on Green Telecommunication2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-03SATRC Guideline on Issues related to Voice over IP2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-04SATRC Report on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-05SATRC Guideline on Harmonized Use of Spectrum Band for PPDR Use2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-06SATRC Report on Emergency Telecommunication – Acceding to Tampere Convention2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-07SATRC Report on Efficient Use of Spectrum Using LTE2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-08SATRC Report on Spectrum Sharing and Trading2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-09SATRC Report on Spectrum Pricing2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-10SATRC Report on Challenges of Future Technologies in Spectrum Management: Cognitive Radio2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-11SATRC Report on “Ensuring Quality Mobile Handsets in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-12SATRC Report on “Evolution of NGN: Interconnection Tariff in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download