SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII (2022-2023)

The Working Group on Policy and Regulatory Services (WG PRS) is currently working on following reports:
1. Development of enabling policy and regulatory environments, in the context of SATRC, to embrace the new ecosystem brought by 5G
2. Telecom active infrastructure sharing
3. Regulatory issues related to OTT services and applications 

4. NGSO satellite constellations: Requirements, challenges and impact in South Asia
The Working Group on Spectrum (WG SPEC) is currently working on following reports:
1. Approaches towards spectrum harmonization for 5G bands
2. Evaluation of spectrum utilization in SATRC Member countries
3. Regulatory approaches for sharing, trading and leasing of spectrum
4. Cross-border coordination for interference in SATRC countries
5. SATRC action plans for the development of spectrum management infrastructure, procedure and tools 

SATRC Action Plan Phase VII (2019-2021)

SAPVII-REP-01SATRC Report on Regulatory Approaches to Enhance QoS of Mobile Operators2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-02SATRC Report on Digital Financial Services2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-03SATRC Report on Harmonizing ICT indicators in SATRC2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-04SATRC Report on Assessment of Current Practices in Spectrum Management and Developing Spectrum Roadmap2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-05SATRC Report on Spectrum Re-Farming2022/10/05Download
SAPVII-REP-06SATRC Report on Spectrum Consideration for Deployment of IoT2022/10/05Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase VI (2017-2018)

SAPVI-REP-01SATRC Report on policy and regulatory aspects of infrastructure sharing2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-02SATRC Report on ICT regulatory framework for M2M communications and IoT for the SATRC countries2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-03SATRC Report on the enhancing consumer protection in digital economy2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-04SATRC Report on regulatory approaches to enhance broadband experiences2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-05SATRC Report on regulatory framework for mobile virtual network operators (MVNO)2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-06SATRC Report on developing spectrum roadmap in SATRC countries for future mobile broadband2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-07SATRC Report on proliferation of public WI-FI network in SATRC2022/10/13Download
SAPVI-REP-08SATRC Report on wireless backhaul-spectrum, technology and policy considerations2022/10/13Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase V (2015-2016)

SAPV-REP-01SATRC Report on Measures to protect interests of Consumer2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-02SATRC Report on Regulatory and Technical Aspects of OTT2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-03SATRC Report on Emerging Licensing framework including exist and relicensing policy2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-04SATRC Report on International connectivity for provisioning of broadband services2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-05SATRC Report on Spectrum Requirement Estimation for IMT Systems in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-06SATRC Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety in the Frequency Bands used for Mobile Phones2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-07SATRC Report on Role of Network Sharing for SATRC Countries: From Passive Infrastructure Sharing to …2022/10/13Download
SAPV-REP-08SATRC Report on Spectrum Re-farming in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase IV (2012-2014)

SAPIV-REP-01SATRC Report on Harmonized Use of the 700 MHz Digital Dividend Band in SATRC Member …2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-02SATRC Report on Process of Arranging the Agreement between Countries in Cellular Networks2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-03Joint Announcement by SATRC Members for the Adoption of APT700 Band Plan2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-04SATRC Report on Mobile Roaming within SATRC Member Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-05SATRC Report on Market Based Methods of Spectrum Managements2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-06SATRC Report on Growth of Mobile Value Added Services2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-07SATRC Report on Rationalization of Tax Structure in Telecommunication Sector2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-08SATRC Report on Sustainable Broadband Network for SATRC Member Countries: Addressing the Issues of Interconnection, …2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-09SATRC Report on Application and Services in Broadband Networks2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-10Joint Statement by SATRC Members for the Adoption of regional Mobile Roaming2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-11SATRC Report on Regional Requirements and Availability of Spectrum for Mobile Broadband2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-12SATRC Report on Digital Switchover Plan in SATRC Member Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIV-REP-13SATRC Report on Strategies for Migration to IPv62022/10/13Download

SATRC Action Plan Phase III (2010-2011)

SAPIII-REP-01SATRC Report on Facilitation of Broadband in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-02SATRC Report on Green Telecommunication2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-03SATRC Guideline on Issues related to Voice over IP2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-04SATRC Report on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-05SATRC Guideline on Harmonized Use of Spectrum Band for PPDR Use2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-06SATRC Report on Emergency Telecommunication – Acceding to Tampere Convention2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-07SATRC Report on Efficient Use of Spectrum Using LTE2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-08SATRC Report on Spectrum Sharing and Trading2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-09SATRC Report on Spectrum Pricing2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-10SATRC Report on Challenges of Future Technologies in Spectrum Management: Cognitive Radio2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-11SATRC Report on “Ensuring Quality Mobile Handsets in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download
SAPIII-REP-12SATRC Report on “Evolution of NGN: Interconnection Tariff in SATRC Countries2022/10/13Download