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The 23rd Meeting of South Asian Telecommunication Regulators' Council (SATRC-23), 14-16 November 2022 (Tehran, Iran)

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The Meeting of SATRC WG Policy, Regulation and Services, 25-26 May 2022 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

SAPVIII-WGPRS1/OUT-05Summary of the First Meeting of SATRC Working Group on Policy, Regulation and Services2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGPRS1/OUT-04Questionnaire on Regulatory issues related to OTT Services and Applications2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGPRS1/OUT-03Questionnaire on Telecom Active Infrastructure Sharing2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGPRS1/OUT-02Questionnaire on Development of Enabling Policy and Regulatory Environments, in the Contexts of SATRC, to …2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGPRS1/OUT-01Work Plan of the SATRC WG Policy, Regulation and Services2022/10/05Download

The Meeting of SATRC WG Spectrum, 21-23 June 2022 (New Delhi, India)

SAPVIII-WGSPEC1/OUT-07_Summary of the Outcome of first meeting of SATRC WG Spectrum2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGSPEC1/OUT-06Work Plan of the SATRC WG Spectrum2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGSPEC1/OUT-05Questionnaire on Work Item SATRC action plans for the development of spectrum management infrastructure, procedure …2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGSPEC1/OUT-04Questionnaire on Work Item Cross-border coordination for interference in SATRC countries2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGSPEC1/OUT-03Questionnaire on Work Item Regulatory approaches for sharing, trading and leasing of spectrum2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGSPEC1/OUT-02Questionnaire on Work Item Evaluation of spectrum utilization in SATRC Member countries2022/10/05Download
SAPVIII-WGSPEC1/OUT-01Questionnaire on Work Item Approaches towards spectrum harmonization for 5G bands2022/10/05Download