SATRC Workshop on Recent Trends and Technologies

20-22 September 2022 SATRC Workshop on Recent Trends and Technology (SAPVIII-WSRTT) was held from September 20-22, 2022 in Dhulikhel Nepal. The workshop was hosted by Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). There was total of 105 participants of which 73 joined physically.

The workshop covered topics on Requirements and Challenges for Implementation of 5G, Satellite Technologies, WiFi and other Access Technologies, Blockchain AI and Machine Learning, and Digital Ethics and Personal Data Protection. The two- and half-day covered fruitful session with expert speakers from SATRC Members, Industry, Academia and private companies. The workshop discussed the success and challenges countries have been facing while implementing 5G in their countries, and also shared success stories where countries had used Satellite technology, WiFi and other technologies to deliver connectivity until last miles. The workshop was followed by a half-day city tour to Bhaktapur city.