Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Spectrum 

21-23 June 2022, New Delhi, India APT organized the Meeting of the SATRC Working Group on Spectrum from 21 to 23 June 2022 in New Delhi, India. The meeting was hosted by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), and attended by 50 delegates including the enlisted experts of this Working Group from 9 SATRC Members and 6 Affiliate Members of APT.

This meeting of SATRC Working Group on Spectrum is a part of the activities of SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII (SAP-VIII) which was adopted by the 22nd Meeting of SATRC (SATRC-22) held virtually in 2021. It was the first meeting of the Working Group under SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII. The meeting discussed the Work Items assigned to the Working Group by the Council.

The Work Items of WG SPEC under the SATRC Action Plan Phase VIII (2022-2023) are as follows:

Work Item 1: Approaches towards spectrum harmonization for 5G bands

Work Item 2: Evaluation of spectrum utilization in SATRC Member countries

Work Item 3: Regulatory approaches for sharing, trading, and leasing of spectrum

Work Item 4: Cross-border coordination for interference in SATRC countries

Work Item 5: SATRC action plans for the development of spectrum management infrastructure, procedure, and tools

The meeting discussed the assigned Work Items in detail. The delegates from SATRC Members and the Affiliate Members also presented on the Work Items for information knowledge sharing.

The key outcomes of the meeting are as follows:

Appointment of the lead/co-lead experts of the assigned Work Items.

Review and adoption of the Detail Work Plan.

Development of Questionnaires on each Work Items to obtain the necessary information from the SATRC member countries.

A monthly/bi-monthly e-Meetings will be conducted to develop the draft SATRC Reports on the Work Items.

The next physical meeting of the WG SPEC is scheduled to held in Q3, 2023 in Sri Lanka.